Automation & Engineering Solutions for All Business Ventures

R&E Engineering provides specialised robotic systems utilising tried and tested market leading robots. We have provided robotic solutions for various business and manufacturing processes such as material handling, palletising, packaging, welding and cutting systems.

We believe that every business, regardless of their size, is in constant strive for perfection, which is attainable through improved work efficiency and effectiveness. We can help you determine where your problems and opportunities are within your production processes, which enables you to improve throughput and productivity.

Whether you want to improve single or multiple processes, R&E Engineering will assist you to identify and implement solutions. We can provide turnkey solution and implementation, technical support and ongoing robotic system maintenance contracts.

At R&E Engineering, we never try to oversell or over-design our solutions. Our aim is to provide you, the customer, with the most cost-effective solution.

The R&E Engineering Way

We work with you to formulate options, identify your specific deliverables and design the most suitable solution.

We attempt to implement with minimal business disruptions.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for robotic systems.

We ensure that the resultant approach and solutions fit your business needs and its capability.

We ensure that costs are upfront and transparent.

We will help develop and produce automated solutions to meet your production requirements.

Our team of experts have extensive experience with building and maintaining automated systems.

Our systems offer increased productivity, reduced downtime and greater reliability for your production line.

We deliver high quality solutions targeted to solve your business process and management needs.