Leap in Packing System Technology at Ivankovich Farms – 1 October 2017

Ivankovich Farms is a Western Australian, family owned, growing and packing operation, specialising in onion and carrot production. As a huge and growing local vegetable grower and fresh produce supplier, Ivankovich Farms looked for a way to improve the efficiency of their production line.

R&E Engineering and TecnoPlatform partnered together in providing Ivankovich Farms with a reliable fully customised Powered Roller Product Conveyor System that is fully integrated to the NACHI Pallet Handling Robot and PIERI Pallet Wrapping machine.

Overall, we are very happy with the outcome and resulting system. The system improved productivity and throughput significantly. Product packing also outputs consistent, neat and securely wrapped palletised products.

We thank Ivankovich Farm for trusting us in introducing automation into their business. This is a step forward into the future for WA agriculture industry. We wish Ivankovich Farms good luck and all the best for their future!

Check out Ivankovich Farms’ website here.

Also check out the article below on Ivankovich Farm during the system installation!

Ivankovich Farms

Pressreader (2017). Farm steps into future. [online] Available at: https://www.pressreader.com/australia/harvey-waroona-reporter/20160802/281642484546139 [Accessed 1 Oct. 2017].