Stronger. Faster. Better Robotic Controller.


The new QIROX QC2 Controller, is an optimum “man-machine” interface. The new control cabinet generation QIROX Controller QC2 is particularly designed to meet the requirements of welding technology and to improve user-friendliness of the interface.

An all new servo technology ensures dynamic movement and high path accuracy of the robot during welding. The processes are controlled by an industrial PC with the capacity to simultaneously control all internal and external axes.

Every component is clearly arranged in a robust system cabinet, where they are protected from dirt and can be easily exchanged.

The new QIROX QC2 Controller is available in different sizes with control capabilities of 8 (micro), 11 (master) and 20 axes (advanced). Click to read more on the benefits! . . . Read More

R&E Engineering at CLOOS APAC Sales Conference 2017


In December 2017, Rafal Pysz, represented R&E Engineering at a CLOOS Sales Conference for Asia-Pacific regions. The sales conference was hosted by CLOOS China and was attended by many CLOOS representatives, such as Germany, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

The conference was focused on discussing the welding markets in different countries, showcase of achievements and sales performances of each representative and how to better CLOOS sales performance in the industry as a whole. R&E Engineering is the one and only supplier of CLOOS Robotic Welding Systems in Australia and . . . Read More

Merry Christmas 2017 & Happy New Year 2018


We have come close to the end of 2017! How time flies!

We would like to thank all of our clients and suppliers for choosing and trusting us & we apologise for any inconvenience that we may have caused.

We hope that 2018 will be an even better year and brings our partnerships to a higher level!

Please note, that we will be closed from:

22nd of December 2017 – 1st of January 2018.

We will be back on the 2nd of January 2018 and operates as per our usual business hours. . . . Read More

9 Benefits of Automation Systems


In the recent years, the application and benefits of automation in various industries and businesses have grown dramatically. Automation covers a broad range of processes from raw material processing, product handling to packaging and implementation of safety systems. The idea behind automation is to efficiently utilise resources, lower emissions and costs and improve safety.

Innovative Automation System, Benefits

Back in the days, automation is targeted more towards the mass production industries. Now, automation is more readily available not only to the giant corporations, but also to small businesses. The recent systems also possess more features, more compact-sized and affordable. Smaller businesses are now able to apply process automation as well due to the advancement of automation system.

Here are 9 benefits of implementing automation systems: . . . Read More

Leap in Packing System Technology at Ivankovich Farms


Ivankovich Farms is a Western Australian, family owned, growing and packing operation, specialising in onion and carrot production. As a huge and growing local vegetable grower and fresh produce supplier, Ivankovich Farms looked for a way to improve the efficiency of their production line.

R&E Engineering and TecnoPlatform partnered together in providing Ivankovich Farms with a reliable fully customised Powered Roller Product Conveyor System that is fully integrated to the NACHI Pallet Handling Robot and PIERI Pallet Wrapping machine . . . Read More