Automatic Handling For All Production Line Processes

R&E Engineering supplies an extensive range of automated equipment for any production process. We also offer a complete, fully-customised design of automated handling system suitable for your business needs. The complete system will be fully integrated and may also include a safety cell with various features to eliminate any risk to the operator, the machine and its surrounding.

The scope of our handling system capability is limitless and not limited to only the products specified below. We are capable of innovation and have built numerous custom-designed machinery to fit in our clients’ requirements.

We design for simplicity to eliminate any redundancy in your processes, saving you time and production cost. Our designs are also made to be compact and cost-effective. We aim to give you the best automation experience.

Our Range of Handling Products

Robotic Palletising

Fully customised palletising and packing solution suitable for all range of products.
A complete system may include:

  • Palletising robotic arm by Nachi and Motoman.
    • 10 seconds average cycle time
    • Handling payload up to 300kg
    • Operater training included
  • Automated pallet dispenser and shuttle system
  • Integrated conveyor system
  • Integrated wrapping & strapping system
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Handling Robots

The Nachi MZ07 is the world’s fastest lightweight and compact robot making it ideal for small scale handling applications.

  • Total weight of only 30kg
  • Compact-sized robot base & controller
  • Payload of 7kg
  • Hollow wrist for compact installation
  • High positional accuracy & repeatability
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Wrapping & Strapping

Fully integratable wrapping and strapping machines for any packing system.

  • Available in automatic & semi-automatic
  • Adjustable to suit all products and requirements
  • Improves security of products during transport
  • Consistent output of neat & tightly packed palletised products
  • Appearance is both pleasing and professional
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UniOP HMI Panels

Powerful user interface for system control.

  • High quality colour touchscreen display
  • Available in various screen sizes
  • White/Black/Silver colours available
  • Intuitive programming with JMobile software
  • Harsh environment units also available
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Product & Pallet Conveyors

Flexible automated product and pallet conveyor system with full integration capability with any new or existing system. We also offer custom designed conveyor systems.
Types of conveyors available include, but not limited to:

  • Motorised and Gravity Roller conveyors
  • Straight and curved belt conveyors
  • Can be manufactured to food grade standard to allow food handling
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Robotic Gripper

A range of robotic grippers available to fit various product handling requirements. Custom designed robotic grippers are also available.

  • Forked bag gripper
    • Adjustable grip width
    • Products are fully secured during motion
    • Minimal gap between pallet and products
  • Pneumatic vacuum gripper
    • Handling up to 4 boxes per cycle
    • Customisable for all shapes and sizes
    • Payload capability up to 30kg

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