The Most Comprehensive Range of Welding Products

R&E Engineering is a major supplier of individually tailored CLOOS and OTC Daihen Robotic Welding Systems. Both CLOOS and OTC Daihen are world-class source for high-end welding robot systems and equipment with highly established reputation in the industry.

Additionally, R&E Engineering supplies Robotic and Workpiece Positioner, Torch Cleaning Stations, Manual Welding Equipment and Welding Clamps. Check out our full range of products below!

For more information, contact us and we would be happy to discuss what we have in store for you!

Our Range of Welding Products

High quality welding systems; robot; welding; system;cloos

Robotic Welding

Extensive range of high-performance robotic welding systems available.
A complete system features:

  • Robotic welding arms by CLOOS and OTC
  • CLOOS Power Source for automated welding
  • Customised robotic welding positioners
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Reliable Consistent welders

Manual Welding

Straightforward and reliable CLOOS manual welding equipment.

  • CLOOS Power Sources for manual welding
  • CLOOS Plasma Cutter
  • CLOOS welding accessories
  • Welding peripherals and consumables
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torch cleaner; torch cleaning; welding torch

Torch Cleaning

Suitable for automatic and manual welding.

  • Ultrasonic torch cleaner
  • Pneumatic nozzle cleaner
  • Wire cutter
  • Anti-spatter liquid
  • Nozzle spray
  • Compressed air amplifier
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robotic; positioner; welding; CLOOS


Custom designed robot and workpiece welding positioners.

  • Slotted and clamping welding tables
  • Wide variety of welding clamps
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kukamet;welding clamp; welding; clamp

Welding Clamps

A large variety of Kukamet welding clamps to aid any welding process.

  • Horizontal & vertical toggle clamps
  • Latch toggle clamps ‘U’ & ‘C’ hook
  • Push-pull type toggle clamps
  • Stainless steel toggle clamps
  • Pneumatic toggle clamps
  • Squeezing type toggle clamps
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Custom; Welding; Jig ; Design

Welding Jigs

Custom designed welding jigs for any type of welding process and workpiece.

  • Suitable for both automatic and manual welding processes
  • Made for specific purposes
  • Quicker and more consistent welds
  • Built-in pneumatic or manual clamps
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